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are social communication skills such as greeting people, using appropriate eye contact, initiating/maintaining/ending conversations appropriately, staying on topic during conversation, understanding personal space when speaking to others. using manners during social interactions, using appropriate facial expressions to match your feelings.



Language is used to communicate.  Language skills can be strengthened through these areas:  Click on underlined words to connect to a link.

  •  Vocabulary/Concepts:    go to
  •  Click on "Materials", click on "Category", scroll down to "vocabulary/semantics" and then  to "filter".
  • Vocabulary/Semantics, go to, click on "materials", click on "category", scroll down to "vocabulary/semantics".                             

     Syntax/Word Structure go on to "", scroll down to "adjectives or nouns/,pronouns or  prepositions, or verbs", depending on what skill area your child is working on.

  • WH-Questions, go to "Category" scroll down to "Language", sub-category WH-questions

While using the online practice materials, your child should be speaking aloud to help master these skills.  Ask your child questions about the materials to aid in carry-over of these skills.

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